Jul 23, 2013

Must have Open Source Projects for JEE Developer

Being a java developer I always look to something to setup on  my local machine that can help me in developing my applications as quickly as possible. From my experience I feel Following is the set of tools/software that all java developers should always have on his/her machine.

Eclipse JEE IDE: Best IDE for any java application development. You can install n number of plugins freely available either manually or by using feature called Market Place. Can be integrated with any application/Web server.
JBoss Application Server: Open source full fledged Application Server from house of Linux. Alternate to this is much lightweight Tomcat or Tomee
MySQL Community Edition:Now owned by Oracle previously by Sun. Alternate to this is PostgreSQL
Fiddler: Http Traffic monitor and useful in debugging lots of client server communication issues.
WinMerge Compare your files/folder merge, revert etc.
Notepad++ Simple yet powerful editor.
Filezilla: Get your files from ftp server and put it back on it.

If you believe in version control then you may want to try Tortoise SVN

May be you can add more into this list and make it more useful for developer community.

Happy Coding. :)