Apr 23, 2018

101 of Jenkins on Mac OS: First Job setup

Once we have completed Jenkins Installation on local machine as explained in previous blog. Go to http://localhost:8080/ and if no jobs are configured it will show you screen as follows.

Click on "Create New Job" --> Provide name for this Job and select type of project as "Free Project" and click on "Ok"

On next screen do as following

Under General tab provide description.
In "Source Code Management" select "Git" and provide "Repository URL" (here I have used my git project available at url https://github.com/mitanjos/sping4hibernate5.git (this is a SpringBoot project with H2 database and Maven as build tool) and branch as master.
Not selected any trigger for basic project.

Under build section select "Invoke top-level Maven targets"

Select Maven version and provide maven task to be executed.
If you do not have any option in dropdown and you want to create new configuration follow steps as explained here.

Once that is done click on "Save" button and it will create your first job.

Next click on "Build Now" to run a new build for this project and it will schedule a first build for this project. Click on the build number (in this case #1 and on the next page click on "Console output" and will show you build logs.

If you click on "Jenkins" icon (Home) it will show you "Dashboard" of all your projects (here only one project and only first build"

Thats all for this step.